Guys, I don't know if you know this, but I am, for all intents and purposes, a little old lady.

Every now and then I get cranky. I like peppermint and Werther's Original.  I put my hands at ten and two on the steering wheel.  My Dad says I drive like a UPS driver, because I'll avoid a left turn in favor of a right if it'll get me moving faster.


I mean, I wasn't always this way.  Back in my twenties, well.  I thought I knew everything that was going on in this world and yours.  I was going to college full time, working here, and also working overnights.  So I was a cranky, sleep deprived mess at the time.  But, I did get, ahem, SEVERAL speeding tickets at that time.  Nothing too serious, I didn't get enough points to get close to losing my license or anything. But I did pay some fines.


And so, I've learned my lesson.  I drive like a little old lady now.  But, I'm sure, as I did,  you have gone a little faster than you should have from time to time.  We've all done it.  So, that begs the question - what the worst speeding ticket here in West Central Missouri? I thought, "Heck, if I wanna know, they might wanna know...".

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So, I looked it up.  And apparently, people are pulled over in the state of Missouri EVERY DAY for going over 100 mph.  But there was one doozy.

But in April 2020, a driver of a Dodge Charger was caught by the Missouri Highway Patrol speeding 143 mph on Highway 65 in Pettis County. He was driving 78 mph over the posted speed limit.

Now that... that is crazy.  And dangerous!


I always thought of drivers on I-70 to be the crazy ones, not 65 Highway!  I guess that goes to show us...we all could use a tap on the brakes.  I mean, I wouldn't recommend it, that is.  Them fines get expensive.

Speedingly yours,


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