I remember when my dad used to put chains on his truck when I was growing up in Missouri, but that was many decades ago and I honestly haven't thought much about it since. But, I've learned that tire chains are still a thing for some in Missouri and Illinois and I was surprised that laws about them still exist, too.

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This began more or less as a curiosity as I saw a friend mention tire chains with winter weather approaching over the next few weeks. That made me wonder if they're still allowed as my perception was they can sometimes damage roadways. I learned there are laws in both Missouri and Illinois, but they differ slightly.

For this newly-discovered tire chain law knowledge, I turned to the website Tire Chains R Us (not kidding). They said that Illinois is one of the states with what they referred to as "basic" tire chain laws stating:

Tire chains or snow tires may be used by any vehicle when required for safety due to snow, rain, or other slippery conditions.

I was unable to find any stipulations on size of tire chains in Illinois, only that you can use them if you need to.

Missouri's law is much more specific. The statute is 307.171. 1. which says:

No person shall operate any motor vehicle upon any road or highway of this state between the first day of April and the first day of November while the motor vehicle is equipped with tires containing metal or carbide studs.

What's interesting to me is the limitation of April 1 as Missouri many times will have a surprise winter storm in April. Guess you and your tires are on your own if that happens, huh?

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