Well guys, we had ourselves one heck of an ice storm here the last couple of days.

That just made what was a terrible cold snap....that much worse. I know I was pretty much holed up all that time. It was very much a "sit on the couch and conserve warmth" kind of thing. Not at all anything having to do with my personal laziness, you guys.

Not at all.


ANYWAY, I found myself going back and forth about what I wanted to do to keep up the nice comfy toastiness. Do I tick up the thermostat a few degrees, grab a sweater, or just...grab a blanket? I mean, I've done all three. Which method do you prefer? Well, I found out via social media!

Most of you were Team Blanket.

Christe - Blanket
Kristy - Blanket
Teresa - Blanket
Corissa - Blanket.
Marie - Blanket
Susu - Blanket
Samantha - Blanket
Doug - blanket
Amy - Grab a blanket.
Debi - Blanket.

I mean, if that wasn't a clear indication that most of you are Blanket People, I don't know what will. Some of you had a little fun with it, though.

That's a fine lookin' hat.
That's a fine lookin' hat.

Jackie - Blanket! Yesterday I threw a stocking cap on while cleaning! My husband woke up and asked where I was going 😂

HA! Well, admittedly, I'm not much of a "wearing a hat in the house" person either. So I suppose I might also think you're headed out?

Kevin - Blanket for my legs. I like the cold. During this time of year, I can layer to get comfortable. In the summer when I have no layers left. The neighbors complain for me to put my clothes back on. I tell them it’s because I’m HOT. They yelled back, NO YOURE NOT!!!

You know what, I agree with him. I think that's part of the reason I prefer winter. Not because we don't want to see Kevin's amazing legs, but rather because I like layering.

Erin - Grab a sweatshirt, hot tea, blanket then sit on couch and watch tv

See, she tried everything, and that works for me!


But... there have been so many votes for Blankets....have there been any votes for Sweaters? Well, some.

Patti - Sweater then blanket
Misty - Sweater

Not as many, but still valid! I have a closet full of sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, and cardigans. I think I'm Team Sweater. Meanwhile, there are always the creative ones out there.....

John - Heating pad...

So simple, and yet, so effective.

Theresa - All except turn up the heat.

A sweater AND blanket person. There we have it.  So in general, Sedalians are blanket people.  But, we still like a nice sweater, and we aren't afraid to break out the heating pad...or show you our legs.  If we gotta.

Stay warm out there!

Bundlingly yours,

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