Some businesses will do ANYTHING to be popular with 20-somethings . . . but one place is going viral for not letting them in the door.

Now I know you've been in this situation.

You go out somewhere for a nice meal on the town.  You're there, having a nice time, pleasant conversation. Then, you keep hearing what can only be described as endless high fiving, and someone screaming "YOU'RE MY HOPE" over and over again.  Or someone's drinking game three tables down.  Or there's some half drunk girl there arguing with her mostly drunk boyfriend about how she was "looking at the waiter" or some nonsense.  I mean, yeah, you might be mentally prepared for children to disturb you, but... what do you do when young adults do it?


There's a new upscale Caribbean restaurant in Missouri called Bliss (it's in Florissant, so think St Louis suburbs), and it has an interesting policy:  They've set an age restriction, which requires male guests to be at least 35, and women to be 30, during prime hours.

They do card at the door, and people in their 20s WILL be kept out.


The owner admits they've been "getting a little backlash," but that's cool. They're sticking with it.  And he says they ARE strict, because young people have been trying to sneak by, and post about it on social media.


Here's the quote.

 "[Bliss] is just something for older people . . . have a happy hour, come get some good food, and not have to worry about some of the young folks who bring some of that drama.... to ensure a mature, sophisticated, and safe dining environment for everyone."

I mean... I'm not OPPOSED to it.  But I wonder if this is really the way to go about this.  After all, if they're looking to have a nice quiet place with no drama.... I know a lot of people over the age of thirty who don't just bring the drama, they ARE the drama.

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So I wonder if it shouldn't be a drink minimum or something instead?  Well, either way... if this is the solution they've come up with, what do YOU think?  Good idea, bad idea?

Cardingly yours,

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