I try not to judge too much with food stuff, because, you know, I'm not exactly an expert. I mean, I don't have a lot to write home about. I'm a person who will happily eat a bowl of cereal dry, with my hands.

I know. I know.

Many people grow up enjoying unusual food combinations, and they don't realize they're unusual until they become adults and see that NO ONE ELSE had those kinds of meals. I'm sure you've had that happen a few times in the lunchroom.

So anyway, I asked my old college friend group this the other day. I asked about stuff THEY found to be delicious, and later realized were "weird" combinations.  They include:

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1.  Ketchup sandwiches.  Just ketchup and white bread.  And sometimes they'd spice it up by adding bologna or sliced ham. Look, I'm telling you. A few of us ate those when we were riding the struggle bus later in college as well.

(Coincidentally, mine was peanut butter and BACO sandwiches.  I just liked bacon bits, in particular the crunchy fake ones. Putting peanut butter on bread, emptying out the Bacos container, and eating it after school was the extent of the effort I was willing to put into making myself food.)

2.  Eggo waffles with melted sharp cheddar cheese. I thought Allie was just, you know, enjoying a stoner food. Guess not.


She did say you could try it with a different cheese, she just preferred the sharp slices.

3.  Cut-up hot dogs in EVERYTHING - in scrambled eggs, in boxed mac-and-cheese, in stir-fry vegetables, and on top of rice. Again, this was something I remember seeing Jeremy do in college. I think the fact he still does it probably speaks more to his young son than him, though.

4.  Grape jelly on grilled cheese.


5.  Spaghetti noodles with canned beans.

Mix of pasta on wooden table


6.  Chili . . . and cinnamon rolls? I think I've heard this one a few times. But I don't think it'll work for me. I just don't.



7.  Making "ham salad" by grinding up uncooked hot dogs . . . and mixing them with sweet relish and mayonnaise. Although, admittedly, Reeny said it MIGHT be a "southern thing".

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8.  A cubed-up baguette, tossed with Greek yogurt and chopped mint, and sometimes with honey "to make it a sweet treat." Um, sure, Casey. Sure. She was always a little bit of a odd duck.

9.  Having milk to drink with spaghetti.  Annie said, "It's super refreshing.  It counters the acidity perfectly, but my Italian-American friends think it's bizarre."


Automatic coffee maker


10.  Coffee and crackers. I'm not sure about this one, guys. But here's how Jeff described it. "You take a plate, line it with saltines, pour over coffee until they're softened, then spread some sugar to taste, and eat with deli ham.  It's like a poor man's country ham, biscuits, and red-eye gravy."

I dont know about that.

What about you? It seems like EVERYONE has a family or childhood thing like this.  What's the strange food combination that YOU loved?

Strangely yours,

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