Ya'll, I am TRYING when it comes to plants these days. I have several around my office and in my house, and a few more on my porch.  The usual suspects.

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There's of course, Steve, who lives in my office.  He lives with Michigan's Wife, Baz, Florence, Regular Sized Rudy and Namjoon.   Anyway, you remember Steve, he's wrapped all the way around my office.  He's actually... probably about three feet longer than this photo. He's a growing boy.

Rebehka Cramer

Meanwhile at home, there are some shake ups, but, overall we're good.  There's Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank, Steve Jr., Claribel, Kibum, Jacinda, Captain Crocodile, Trixie, Lon Cheney, Troy McClure*, Irving, Trey (aka Steve the Third) and one of my newest, Pierre.


And I have done some new planting in front!  Although I have to admit, I haven't gotten a name for these two yet.  There's this one, and then there's a twin on the other side of the sidewalk.


So yeah, there are a lot.  But now that it's for real getting warmer, it's time to think about the plant boxes I hang all over the house.  And that means it's time to check out a plant sale.  Luckily for me, and you, there's a big one coming up this weekend that will help some local kids do good.

Greenhouse sale is next week! Come out on the 20th and get your plant fix! We have tons of flowers, bedding plants, basket fillers, veggies, and hanging baskets.

You know those Future Farmers of America kids know what they're doing when it comes to plants.


And you know you probably see something fun there you'll fall in love with.  Sure, you can go to Menard's, Lowe's, Sutherlands, all those places, too, but make sure you hit up this sale while the getting's good.  They're going to be right behind the school in Lincoln, you can't miss it.  They'll be out there from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 Saturday, April 20th.  Here's the flyer.


See ya there, green thumbers!

Plantily yours,

*Technically Troy McClure isn't a real plant.  He's plastic.  But I'm not here to judge him.

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