Guys, when I was a kid, Easter was all about the Egg Hunt. Well, the Basket was always a cool thing, too, if I'm real.   But you weren't allowed to eat all the candy you wanted, or even really choose the treat you wanted like Halloween.

And, you had to sit still and be nice in church and wear the shoes with the toes that pinch that you really outgrew two years back.  Of course you were chomping at the bit as a kid to get those eggs.


As an adult, though.... wow.  There are few things that suck more than losing an Easter Egg.  Especially finding it later.   But now, actual eggs are kind of expensive.  So if you're going to use real eggs, you want to be sure you're going to actually get them all back, right?  Right.

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Now don't get me wrong.  I know you probably will make a mental note of all the egg hiding places the Easter Bunny told you about.  But... you know those kids.  They pick them up, put them in a basket.  Then they might move the basket.  Other kids might get handsy with the eggs.  One year I even saw a kid who was re-hiding the eggs because he didn't want the Hunt to end.  Can you imagine the panic the host felt when she heard that?

So, I thought I'd give ya'll a few "just in case" tips on how to hide your Easter Eggs...and find them again.

1.  Do a Headcount.

This, to me, is the easiest and most effective way to make sure you don't have any eggy surprises.  If you know you hid eight eggs, keep the kids moving til you count eight eggs in their baskets.  Now, if you suddenly count nine eggs... you might have a bigger problem.


2.  Use the Perimeter.

If you're doing this outside, make sure you're doing it in a yard with a fence.  That way, you can start looking for any stragglers along the fence line and work your way in.  It's an easy barrier that kids understand, and if there's going to be any mess, most of it will stay where you can handle it.  And, bonus, if anyone gets out of line, just spray 'em with the water hose.  That'll get 'em back into line real quick.


3.  Use Important Places.

I don't mean hide your eggs in the safe or something, come on now. If you're using the inside of the house to hide eggs, put them in places you remember. Meaning you should put them in places that mean something to you in your house.  That sounds pretty vague, right?  Wrong.  I mean, I'll give you an example. Put an egg behind the vase Aunty Miriam sent you that she thought was an antique, but was really just heavy, old glass.  You remember how you felt when you got it, you remember when you decided to put it there, you remember the time you tried to put water in it and it leaked.  Your kid doesn't.  So, use the long term memory you already have to anchor onto the short term memory in the immediate.

Good luck with your egg hunts this weekend.  May you find them all without stepping or sitting on them in your Sunday Best.

Eggly yours,

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