Easter is coming up very soon!  And according to a new survey, 92% of people who celebrate say they'll buy Easter CANDY. 

Which, you know, is fine, but you can get a little carried away, I'm sure.  So here's a little thought experiment about how to prepare.


1.  Buy small.

Meaning the candy AND the Easter basket itself.  If the basket is small, it won't take as much candy to fill - and fun-size candy can make a big difference in how much sugar your kid eats at one time.

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2.  Fill it with stuff other than candy.

Like stickers, pencils, Legos, crayons, and other art supplies. Or little toys you know they like.

3.  Set some expectations.

One easy way to limit your kid's candy intake is to include a note from the Easter Bunny, telling them how much they can eat each day.  That way YOU don't come out looking like the bad guy.

4.  Integrate it with physical activity.

Like making the candy part of a scavenger hunt, or adding the candy to a treat bag when going for a walk or hike together.

5.  Be ready in advance for stains.

While I'm sure you want your kids to wear their best at your religious services, when it comes to the food and fun at home, dress them down.  They're going to find a way to get chocolate all over their shirts and hair, right?  And you know it's going to rain Friday night, which means the Easter Egg hunt ground is going to be MUDDY.  Grass stains, mud caked on, the works.  Get your washer ready, and stock up on some stain treatment now.

Good luck, parents!

Easterly yours,

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