As you know, it's December, and that means it's totally holiday party time. 

Some of my family won't be doing a lot of going out (my niece just had a baby boy, so.. they're going to wanna stay home and get a routine started, etc.  You know how it is with a brand new baby) this year.  But, there was the holiday party for my Mom's side of the family, and it's a tradition every year.

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We go out to their house in the country, all hang out in a barn together, and eat food.  Now I will admit, a lot of these people are friends of theirs, so I don't know everybody for sure, but they're all chill, fun people.

So of course, since it's pot luck, you gotta bring something, right?  Right.  A side or a dessert or a drink or something!  You just gotta.  I was looking through my "saved recipes" (it's something I do when I see something online I wanna try, I just bookmark it and save it for later) and I saw one for a sweet and salty caramel cookie.

I thought, perfect! I wanna try it, I gotta bring something anyway... let's do it!

I, of course, forgot the cardinal rule of Holiday Parties: Don't Bring a Dish You Made for the First Time.


Now, admittedly, I... can sometimes get a little lazy when it comes to baking things. Which is why I don't do it often. I basically just put all the ingredients together and baked it up. I didn't, you know, actually follow the directions. I was supposed to like, cream butter or something and then gently incorporate the flour and stuff, but... I didn't do that. I just threw it all together in a bowl and mixed it up. So what should have been cookies turned out to be a sugar cookie cake with a bit of sweet and salty mixed in.


YOU GUYS. You'd think right now that I'd be learning from my mistakes and promising to never do this again, but.... this was good, ya'll. Like. Really good. But I know it's wrong. I know it's not what the recipe intended, and it probably isn't for everyone, but.... I liked it alot. But... it's wrong, and it's weird, even if it is a happy accident. So I decided to keep it and I'll just snack on it. I mean, I can't guarantee everyone will like it, and people probably didn't want to try a new thing at a Christmas Party. I like weird, but not everybody does, after all.

What are you bringing to the holiday party this year? Are you going to bring a side you always bring, or are you going to be like me and try something new?

Gochujangingly yours,

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