Guys, I don't know about you, but I'm always a person who can be easily distracted with a good book. But... I have a confession to make. 

I was always that kid that made stops on the way home to the library.  In fact, I was one of those kids who... admittedly, probably scammed the system a little.  I'll share the tea.  I'll come clean, I'll confess!


Basically I wanted to be able to read EVERY BOOK and I didn't understand the concept of, you know, interlibrary loans.  So we signed me up for a free library card with Boonslick Regional Library, using my Grandparent's address out in the county.  See, back then, not just ANYBODY could go to Boonslick.  Well, you could go, but you couldn't check anything out without a card, and you couldn't have a card for Boonslick if you lived in town.


Which we did.  But my Grandparents didn't, so that's how we signed up.  Now, if I'm right, it was done this way because my childhood brain believed there was a charge or something for the Sedalia Public Library.  So I didn't go to that one, you see.

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But then, the day came that Boonslick moved right next door to the SPL!  Whut! It was finally time to come clean and see what's up at the admittedly intimidating Carnegie Library.  Turns out, it was free to join.  And after a while, the restriction on Boonslick let people in town go as well, so... all my childhood scheming was for naught.


Well.  I thought I was being slick, but it was all in the name of reading.  And if you want to encourage kids in your life to keep reading without having to scheme for it, you can join the Sedalia Area Literacy Council for their huge annual fundraiser.

Please join us on Sunday, April 21st, to celebrate our 22nd tea and auction! Tickets are only $5 and include snacks and tea (or lemonade). We'll have a variety of goodies that we'll share more details about as the date draws closer. Looking forward to seeing you there!

It'll be held at the Our Savior Lutheran Church, 3700 W Broadway Boulevard.  So get your tickets now and keep reading!  Only maybe without all the scheming.

Readingly yours,

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