I know how it is, you guys. It seems like the holidays are... always there, it's not a surprise, but are you ever really ready for them?

I mean, it seems like it creeps up on me every year, anyway.  And I know my plans for the moment are a bit up in the air.  So, if you're a person who just doesn't think you can plunk down $100 or so on Thanksgiving dinner this year, or if you're in a position where you can't do the cooking, or... if you just don't feel like it, you have options!

Saint Vincent de Paul Parish is holding a free Thanksgiving dinner takeout at their St. Patrick Chapel,  Now keep in mind, that's not at the church proper, it's their building behind the post office. The dinner includes turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, bread and dessert. You may reserve up to 10 dinners per person. You can either pick them up in basement of St. Patrick or they'll deliver them to you at no charge.  Now if you're me, you might be a schosh skeptical, you know?  Like, oh, you get free meal, but...what's the catch?

“There are no strings attached, no sermons, just the goodwill of Jesus to feed the hungry. The program has been in effect for several years and continues to grow. Last year we served about 750 people and we expect to serve over 1000 this year. You don’t have to be poor to enjoy Thanksgiving from Jesus, everyone is welcome, no questions asked."

So the only real "catch" is, you have to call them and reserve your meal. You'll need to call their office (660-827-2311) no later than Monday at 3 pm.  That means Monday, November 20th.  This is a strict timing cutoff because they have to, you know, get all the orders together.  So they have to buy enough food to make sure each portion is right.  You dig it. If you are picking up, service will begin at 10:30 am.

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This meal is organized by the Deacons of St. Vincent de Paul under the direction of Deacon Jerry Connery.  They note in their announcement they'd like to thank the many, many volunteers who have helped to make the load lighter.  And you, meanwhile, can enjoy all the tastiness with a little less of the stress this year.

So, give em a call now and get on the list!

Thankfully yours,

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