Guys, it's that time again, where we take a moment just to thank the people that are doing good in the community.  You know, not to get the pat on the back, but just because they see a need and they want to help. 

You know what we're talking about.  That person that's always got a "project" or something they've got working in the background.  The person that sells discount cards for their kids or the person that makes sure the older ladies get home safe from church, or the person who, oh, I don't know, ORGANIZES A WHOLE DEMOLITION DERBY.


Just let the awesomeness of that sink in for a second.


So that's where we are with this month's Unsung Hero, Terri Hunter.  Let's hear from her nominator first, Bobby Snow.

She works with the youth group at the Calvary Baptist Church.  Participates in Lion's Club fundraisers that give back to the community.  Donates her time at many local events.  Just person who is generous and wonderful overall.

Of course I'm sure you've seen Terri all around with Lion's Club events.  They've done everything like helping kids get shoes,  doing prom fundraisers, helping with glasses, the cornhole tournament, and of course, the big one - the Lion's Club Figure 8 Scramble, that's dedicated to the memory of her late husband, Donnie Hunter.

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Here's her interview with our News Director, Randy Kirby!

Terri is the membership chair for the Lion's Club, so if you want to join her for all her adventures, you can definitely check out their next meeting. She's also been a realtor for decades, and has a thriving real estate office with her daughter, Heather. They're building a Sedalia Empire one sale at a time!

Have you nominated YOUR Unsung Hero? What's your deal? WHY NOT?


Seriously, it's free, it only takes a second and I'll even give you the link. 

Unsungly yours,

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