Guys, it's that time again, where we take a moment just to thank the people that are doing good in the community.  You know, not to get the pat on the back, but just because they see a need and they want to help. 

You know what we're talking about.  That person that's always got a "project" or something they've got working in the background.

So that's where we are with this month's Unsung Hero.  Let's hear from his nominator first, Omar Pax.

Traves is a great example for citizens of Sedalia. Everything he does he gives 100% whether its his
job, being the referee at the local soccer game or more recently helping the community improve through the Helping Hands Organization. He is committed to this community and never asks for anything in return that's why he truly is an unsung hero......

And as you know, Community Helping Hands helps people in need, but in particular the elderly community. Basically anything these people might need, the group comes through and helps. He personally helps people every Saturday, and is responsible for helping over 30 people recover from the circumstances that lead to them being homeless.


His humility is very present as well, he just couldn't believe it's been 21 years in volunteering with the Paul Klover Soccer League, as well as the Hispanic League. And, he made sure to name names and tell us all about the people who help out and volunteer in all the different organizations. He feels like they're all family, working together to help whoever needs it.

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Here's his interview with our News Director, Randy Kirby!

Have you nominated YOUR Unsung Hero? What's your deal? WHY NOT?


Seriously, it's free, it only takes a second and I'll even give you the link. 

Unsungly yours,

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