Here we are again, taking a second to appreciate the people out here in West Central Missouri trying to make a difference. 

We just love getting together with Central Bank to make this happen.  I don't envy the person over there who has to choose from all the nominees!  There are so many people out there just staying busy constantly by helping others.  Our latest U.H. is no exception!

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This time, we're spotlighting a local person who has worked so much with their businesses in Premiere Climate Control as well as Sedalia Heating and Air Conditioning.   You've probably met her through Thank You Thursday!  Yep, our latest hero is none other than Amy Stillfield.   Here's her nominator, Keli Reno, telling us why she should be honored!

Amy is always giving back to her community, whether its with her weekly Thank You Thursday, or the many things she chooses to sponsor!  Amy truly has a heart of gold.


Amy and her husband Eric have been with the Friends of The NRA for a long time, and then they ended up joining the capital campaign for the new Teen Center.  They also do a lot of fun work with the Lake Creek Methodist Church, helping out with their fundraising fish fry.

Here's her interview with our newsman Randy Kirby, talking about all she does.

While Amy and her husband don't get to see their two kids or three grandkids very often, they certainly enjoy all the time with them they can get.   As she says, "You've never experienced anything til you're a Grandma!". They do try to get some down time with the RV down in Warsaw, but they're happy to keep helping people in West Central Missouri in the meantime.
As you know, it's always a good time to take a moment, look at your life, nominate your next Unsung Hero. As Amy says, "There's always something to do!" SO, why not do your bit and nominate your hero here.

Nominatingly yours,


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