You probably have a few memories of garage sales.  Or yard sales, or tag sales, or whatever you call them. I've had a couple at my house, and it's always a lot of work.  Sorting stuff out, finding the tables to put them on, pricing everything, getting it out there, getting up and staying with everything, getting change from the bank...and we're not even talking about the permit or the signs or anything else ya gotta do.

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But I do have a lot of memories of my Mom and her friends going "saling" on the weekends.  Mom would load us kids up with Christine and Michael, and we'd hop from garage sale to yard sale, checking out the stuff.  Mom always had a big bag full of change, ready for anything.


And I remember hitting up some on my own, later, as an adult. Admittedly I probably should have done it earlier, like, when I was getting settled at college.  But after the Mark Twain Apartments fire, I did hit up a few sales to see if I could find some stuff.  And I did!

But, it's hot outside right now, and it can be very draining to hit up sale after sale.  Wouldn't it be nice if all the sales were in the same spot?  WELL, HERE IT COMES, FOLKS, SAY YES VIRGINIA!

The Sedalia Housing Authority, 500 Welch Court, will hold a Community Garage Sale Saturday, June 29 from 8 a.m., to 4 p.m. There will be household goods, antiques, collectibles, toys, furniture and many more items for sale. For more information, contact Anna Conroy, ROSS coordinator, at (660) 282-2265.


Yes folks, it's finally that time!  Make your plans now!  Gas up the truck, clean up the car seats, wake Grandma up, and get the family down there this weekend!

Garage Salingly yours,

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