Okay guys, it's time for all of us to move our collective spotlight to some good works being done here in West Central Missouri. 

So obviously you know, it's Unsung Hero time!  This time, our nomination came from an anonymous contributor. Did you know you could do that?  You totally can.

This month, it's the Executive Director of United Way of Pettis County, Rachelle Simon!  Rachelle started her journey to help people in speech therapy, but ended up volunteering in Montana.  That experience, in a boys and girls home there, changed the trajectory of her life.  She really felt like counseling and helping the kids was the way she wanted to go!  She said she learned a lot about life and it really made her focus her efforts in ministry.


Rachelle also works with Retrieving Freedom, as a weekend foster.  She says it helps her get out there in the community, and let dogs be dogs!  The Liberty Center is also a big part of her volunteering, because she loves the art and shows they put on.  You can easily find her manning the concession stand most shows.

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She was born right here in Pettis County, and lived in Dresden for a while. She graduated from Sacred Heart School, and is thrilled to be back in Sedalia to get things moving.


Anyway, let's let Rachelle tell her own story.  Here's her interview with Randy Kirby to tell us about where she's been, what makes her tick, and also how YOU can help her in future.

As Rachelle says, whatever you like to do, someone in the county needs your talent to do it.  That's why she's leading the charge in her own neck of the woods with the United Way.

If you want to find out more about the United Way and how you can help, you can check out their page. And as always, if you want to nominate an Unsung Hero you can do that here.

Unitedly Yours,

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