Tuesday night I found myself taking my wife to the emergency room at Western Missouri Medical center for the third or fourth time in a year. Last year they helped greatly with my wife's care while she was dealing with a major health issue. Last night they helped rule out appendicitis and some other things that could cause abdominal pain.

While I was in the waiting room of the ER while they got my wife settled, a police officer walked in with someone who needed some help. A mom and her kid were dealing with something. And a young man and his friend came in with one of the young men having what looked to me like some kind of food poisoning.

As I walked through the ER to get to my wife's room I overhead they had a couple of serious cases coming into the hospital for treatment. Then later I noticed several more people waiting to be seen.

With all this going on at one point I noticed the nurse helping my wife take a couple of minutes just to comfort my wife and try to help her feel a little bit better. It was such a small thing, but it's the thing I'll remember from the visit.

I say all this because, unfortunately, Western Missouri Medical Center has been more important in our life than my wife and I would care to admit. So I'd like to ask you to support a fun event put together by Western Missouri Medical Center's Auxiliary.

It's their 13th Annual Ice Cream Social on Sunday, July 31, from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM CDT in the Courtyard Cafe. The cost is $5.00 for ice cream, toppings, a dessert, and a beverage. The Auxillary is raising money for an infant scale, pediatric exam tables, and tablets. For tickets, visit the Wishing Well Gift Shop or contact Teresa Collins, volunteer services coordinator, at (660) 262-7466 or tacollins@wmmc.com.

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