Update: This story has been updated to reflect that the screening will be running from Friday, July 14 - Sunday, July 16. The screening on Monday, July 17 has been canceled. 

Sedalia native and filmmaker Jeff Lujin's "The Story of the Ozark Music Festival" will screen this July at the Liberty Center in Sedalia with about 20 minutes of new footage.

According to a post on the Dustbin Films Facebook page, Lujin acquired over 20 minutes of new music and footage which he has added to the film, and which will be shown at the July Screenings. He also released a new trailer for the screenings which you can check out here:

Having seen "The Story of the Ozark Music Festival" about a year and a half ago I can tell you it's a great telling of the festival's story. I enjoyed seeing the fairground, Bing's, and more of Sedalia from the early 70s. Mostly though, I enjoyed the stories told by the folks Lujin talked to. It's their narrative that Lujin uses to craft his story of the Ozark Music Festival and it's extremely entertaining.

One of the challenging aspects for Lujin has been finding film or video from the festival which wasn't widely covered by the media, so I'm also excited to check out the new footage he's added to the movie.

The film will run from Friday, July 14, 2023 - Sunday, July 16, 2023. Screenings will start at 6:30 PM CDT and there will be one afternoon screening at 2:30 PM CDT on Sunday, July 16. Additionally, the Liberty Center's bar will be open for the screenings and there will be film merchandise available for sale as well.

Tickets are now available at Backwoods Guitar in Sedalia, 111 West 5th Street. Advance tickets are $20 and will be $25 at the Liberty Center on performance nights.

Mike Pettis and I will have Jeff join us on our Friday Happy Hour show closer to the screening date, and we'll also have some tickets and merch to give away. You can hear our interview from 18 months ago, and learn more about "The Story of the Ozark Music Festival" movie here.

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