Eric Clapton’s new single “Heart of a Child” was co-written with vaccine skeptic Robin Monotti.

Monotti is an Italian architect and film producer who, earlier this year, published a letter from Clapton detailing the rocker’s “severe reactions” from the AstraZenaca COVID-19 vaccine. Monotti, who is an outspoken opponent to vaccination mandates and lockdown measures, later posted a video conversation with Clapton, featuring the two discussing various COVID-related topics.

Though “Heart of a Child” does not directly confront the pandemic or lockdowns the way some of Clapton’s other recent work has, there appear to be veiled references within the song's lyrics. Rolling Stone -- who had their own clash with Clapton recently -- noted the lines, “We lost the love of a man / I was proud to know / They locked you down boy / Made you grieve alone” and “Turn off the TV / Throw your phone away / Don’t you remember / What your daddy used to say” as being pandemic-inspired.

Clapton has been very vocal about his stance on COVID over the past year. In addition to his own material, the rocker has released songs with Van Morrison critical of the U.K.'s lockdown measures. Though Clapton insists he isn't an anti-vaxxer, his stance against COVID vaccinations has ruffled many feathers, and in some cases ended the guitarist's friendships. Additionally, Clapton has refused to play venues in the U.K. which require proof of vaccination, though he did perform at several such establishments during his most recent visit to the U.S.

“Heart of a Child” arrives on Dec. 24.

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