There’s nothing worse than when your air conditioner breaks down when it’s 102 degrees outside. Of course, if your air conditioner has been neglected, it’s much more likely to have problems when the going gets tough (like on the hottest day of the year). The team at Premier Climate Control put together this list of reasons air conditioners break down to illustrate the importance of regular air conditioner maintenance.

What Causes Your Air Conditioner to Break Down?
Air conditioners can break for a number of reasons:

Faulty Circuit Breaker or Fuse – Always check this first. It’s an easy fix and could save you a service call.

Refrigerant Leak – Low refrigerant may cause your AC to stop cooling.

Frozen Coil – Dirty air filters or blocked ductwork can cause airflow problems which can lead to a frozen coil.

Damaged Fan Blades, Compressor, Electrical Connections and Contacts – Annual maintenance should catch any wear or damage before emergency repairs are needed. Short circuits can trip breakers and shut the whole system down.

Worn or Old Capacitors – This will not allow the air conditioner to start

Faulty Thermostat – Sometimes it’s not your air conditioner, but your thermostat that’s causing the problem.

Dirty Filters – On today’s high-efficiency systems, dirty filters can cause the entire system to stop working

The bottom line is your air conditioner is a machine, and like any other machine, it needs periodic maintenance

to make sure all the moving parts are moving, the stable parts aren’t loose, and the parts that wear aren’t worn too much. All of these things will cause problems sooner or later.

Benefits of an AC Tune-Up
There are many benefits to having your air conditioner tuned up:

Fewer Breakdowns – you can expect fewer problems from an AC that has had a tune-up.

Extend Lifespan – proper maintenance will make your system last longer.

Avoid Big Repair Bills – catching it early will save you money vs. letting a little problem become a bigger one.

Save Money – a system that is running efficiently will use less energy and save you money on energy bills.

Keep Your Warranty Valid – keeping your warranty valid may save you big money on repairs later.

You should have your air conditioning coils cleaned, and your system inspected at least once a year. If you have to schedule an appointment for someone to look at your air conditioner, you might as well do it now – on your schedule – than wait until it’s an emergency and it’s broken. Save yourself the hassle and the inconvenience.

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