A Copperhead snake was captured in Parkville last week. That's just the other side of Kansas City. That's surprising because well, Copperheads generally don't call Parkville home. This according to a report from Fox 4 in Kansas City.

Snakes tend to be on the move during the spring and summer but flooding this year has snakes heading into areas where one won't usually find them.

Chase Beran with the Wildlife Command Center told Fox 4 that:

We’ve seen increases in both snake and rodent activity. Many of our customers report seeing snakes for the first time since living in their home.

That's just what I want to hear when moving into a new duplex with a wooded area about 50 yards back behind my apartment.

What should you do if you spot a snake? Exprerts told the TV station "snakes are generally afraid of people and will move away when you give them space. But if you suspect a potentially venomous snake is on your property, don’t risk it; call in the professionals."

I will also probably scream and I'm ok with that.

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