Mick Fleetwood has ruled out the idea of another lengthy Fleetwood Mac tour.

He revealed it in an interview with Rolling Stone, but noted that it doesn't mean they were giving up performing. "We’re not going to do a [long] tour, I would say, ever again," he said. "But there’s loads of alternatives. People like Peter Gabriel have a lovely way of working where they go and just do four or five major festivals during the summer. That’s the sort of vision that I see for Fleetwood Mac. We’re able to cherry-pick things that have dignity, and are fun to do, and they’re historically interesting."

Fleetwood Mac's last trek, their first with Mike Campbell and Neil Finn in place of Lindsey Buckingham, ran from October 2018 until last November. The drummer said that they have no desire to work their estranged guitarist again, but the current lineup remains committed to each other, even if they haven't made a decision on anything.

"We had a lovely get-together in L.A. about two weeks ago after the tour," he continued. "We are all very open to that continuing in the band. There’s no breaking up of the band. We were like, 'Give us a break. Give us a few weeks before we start wondering what to do.' In the New Year, we’ll touch on what the vision is."

However, he didn't rule out the possibility of a farewell tour, saying one "would be the right thing to do, to let people know you’re not wanting to play again. We are not at that point, but if we get there, it’s a pretty good, gracious thing to let people know they’ll never see the band play again."

Next month, Fleetwood will be taking part in a tribute concert in London to Fleetwood Mac founding guitarist Peter Green, part of a lineup that includes Steven Tyler, Billy Gibbons and David Gilmour. Stevie Nicks has a few solo festival gigs currently on her calendar, including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Governors Ball in New York.


Fleetwood Mac Lineup Changes

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