Do you remember the woman who the media called "The Hollywood Madam" after she made headlines when she was accused of running a high-end Los Angeles prostitution ring? That would be Heidi Fleiss, and she's leaving her home in Southern Nevada to set up a bird sanctuary in the Ozarks this winter.

The Springfield News-Leader reports Fleiss plans to open a no cage parrot sanctuary in Mansfield and it will be open to the public.

So why is Fleiss moving to the Ozarks? The Springfield News-Leader reports she's never been to the Ozarks, yet she was inspired to move from Nevada after a recent trip to Nashville where she discovered the climate and the tree cover is perfect for her McCaws.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, "Fleiss said she wants her new nonprofit Macaw Rescue Inc. to operate on property on Hicks Cave Road, just around the corner from Mansfield's nationally-known Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home & Museum."

Fleiss told the paper she's spending about $500,000 on the property for her new nonprofit McCaw Rescue. Additionally, the property she's purchasing includes a cave that once allegedly served as Jesse James hideout and was last used as a bed and breakfast with cabins.

Fliess is well aware she might not be the best face to represent the bird sanctuary movement, and the Springfield News-Leader mentions she told USA Today she's not that likable, but she's the only one doing it.

Personally, I could care less about her past or how she made her money. She's passionate about her birds. Want's what's best for them, and based on what the Springfield News-Leader reports, wants to get to the Ozarks, live her life, not infringe on anybody else's life, and contribute to her new town, Mansfield, in a respectful way.

Sounds like the perfect start to me. Welcome to Missouri, Ms. Fleiss. I hope you and your birds find it home.

Fleiss had her '90s era pandering conviction overturned by the California Courts, however, she served 20 months in a federal facility for tax evasion in 1996.  

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