This is probably just tabloid trash, but according to a self-proclaimed psychic "expert," here are four signs that YOU might have psychic abilities.  Good luck with that.

1.  You have strong gut reactions to things.  Especially if your gut instinct has ever protected you in some way . . . like you felt the need to walk somewhere instead of take the bus, and then the bus crashed.

2.  Sometimes when you meet new people, you associate them with a color.  That's what psychics mean when they say someone has a blue or red 'aura.'  Blue is supposed to be a good sign, and red means avoid them.

3.  You dream about things, and then they happen.  Like, you dream about someone you haven't seen in a while, and then they call you the next day.  But if it's only happened once or twice, it's probably just a coincidence.

4.  You feel like you're more insightful after you've had a few drinks.  Yep, that's apparently one of the signs.  Supposedly it lets your brain relax, and you can tap into your psychic 'powers' a lot easier. And I'm not just talking about giving good advice.  I mean you can actually guess specific things you shouldn't know.  Obviously it's only a sign you're psychic if you're RIGHT though.  If you're not, you're probably just drunk.

Anyway, do you think you have any ESP or psychic traits?  Have you ever met anyone that does?  Let me know!

Psychically yours,

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