I'm a person who tries to be a little more enviornmentally concious.
We use the recycle bins. I reuse stuff all the time, especially plastic and glass. You know, I take the glass bottles my probiotic drink comes in and save them to make other drinks, or to use as a makeshift ashtray for NJ, or for any number of other uses you might have.

I bought some of those reuseable bags you can use for your sandwiches for your lunches. And they come in a bunch of different sizes, which was super convinient for me, as I'm more of a snacker. But you can get them in big freezer bag sizes and littler sizes, too. I'm always re-using those, and I haven't had to buy any new ones yet! I just wash em, dry em, bam.

And of course, there's the shopping bags. I have several that are those re-usable kinds, some you get when you're at the Zoo, some you get at a convention, some you get because the store was giving them away, you know how it is. I try to keep some in my car and in my kitchen to grab if I'm going shopping. But sometimes, well. Sometimes I forget. So then I just take the plastic bag option AT the store. Which is fine. And I'll re-use those too! I have a little garbage can in my bedroom and my living room.  You know, those little ones that are probably more accurately called wastepaper baskets? I use those plastic bags to line those. I also use them when I'm cleaning litter boxes.

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But...I still seem to have a whole dang tote in my pantry that is full of these things.  FULL. And I could take them to the People's Republic of Walton, but... well.  You know what happens, don't you?  I forget.  Every. Time.

So if you're someone that's in my position, where you're trying to use these things up and not waste them, maybe I've got a solution for you.  Turns out, the Pettis County Community Partnership sure could use em.

We are in need of grocery sacks or recycled plastic and paper sacks for our Little Essentials & Community Closet distribution! Please drop off bag donations Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm (closed for lunch 12:30-1:30pm).


So, instead of them sitting in a bag wrapped in a bag wrapped in a cloth bag that's wrapped with a rubber band put in a plastic tote that may or may not sit around until you have a garage sale, why not just donate them to those that need them! You can use that dang tote for what you actually bought it for. They're in the back of the State Fair Shopping Center, 1400 South Limit, Suite 29 - that's where you can drop them off. If you want to see what else they're up to, their social media page is pretty active. You can also call if you have questions or if you'd like to volunteer at 660-827-0560.

Baggingly yours,

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