Indeed, it's that time of year again!It's time for all of us to take a look around and see who needs some help with Christmas this year.  And as you know, an annual event is ready to roll!  It's Shop with a Cop!

If you're not familiar, basically it's an event where needy or underprivileged kids get to spend a hundred dollars  at the local Wal Mart, and they're escorted and assisted by a member of our very own local enforcement.  That doesn't sound like a lot now, but... remember when you were seven?  Twenty bucks was alot of money back then!  ANYWAY.  Members of the Pettis County Sheriff's Department and the Sedalia Police Department participate every year.  It's a great way to get the kids familiar with and knowledgeable about law enforcement at a young age.  They have so many questions about how it all works, and I know I don't have the answers!

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And, it's a great way to make sure the kids are involved in their holiday celebrations.  I've heard so many stories over the years about the kids using the money to buy presents for their siblings, grandparents, parents, classes at school, etc.  I mean, sure, the kids are encouraged to buy for themselves, too, but... a lot of these kids want to make their whole families happy this year.  And YOU can help!

So here's the nuts and bolts.  The shopping day is December 9th, which means you gotta get donations in by that Friday, December 8th. You can drop off your donations at both WK locations in town:  2901 S Limit, and 3310 W Broadway, Sedalia.  And, don't worry if you feel like you can't drop off the money yourself.  There is another option - you can always call down to the Police Station, and they'll get your message to an Officer to come and pick it up.

Now, if you have any other questions, you can contact Larry Klein over at WK (although if you wanna talk to him personally, he's off Thursdays) at 660-826-2700. When I talked with Larry, he encouraged local businesses and offices to start competing!  He mentioned how some people last year had a bake sale to raise money down at the courthouse.  He'd love to see the whole community get involved!  I feel like that could be alot of fun..... and give someone some pretty amazing bragging rights....  I'll let you guys run wild with that one.

Shoppingly yours,

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