Sedalia patron Sue Heckart had a surprise in store for the Sedalia community at a ceremony recognizing two years of the Heckart Community Center.

Heckart's announcement: "Let's go bowling!" It was followed by a round of cheers from those who had joined her, Governor Mike Parson, Sedalia Mayor Andrew Dawson, Parks and Rec Director Amy Epple, and other community politicians and movers and shakers to celebrate two years of the Heckart Community Center. After the cheers died down, Heckart made her intentions a little more clear.

"It is my intention to build a state-of-the-art bowling facility at the new aquatic facility on East Broadway. It will be called Memory Lanes in memory of my parents," said Heckart.

Sedalia Parks and Recreation followed up with a few details on the new bowling facility. First, Parks & Recreation hopes to open the bowling facility in the fall of 2026. It will be located on the same property as the new aquatic facility, on the east side of Sedalia at the old Southerland's lot.

Sedalia Parks & Recreation says planning will begin with an RFQ going out, then once that is awarded Sedalia Parks and Recreation will detail what's ahead on their website.

In his remarks, Governor Mike Parson said in his travels throughout the state that seeing someone like Sue Heckart, who gives so much back to Sedalia, is something he doesn't see very often.

"I don't see things like this that people do. I mean there's lot's of great facilities, but for someone like a lady to be able to make the investment she has made, when all the things she could do, decide to invest in this community, and to me that says a lot about her, a lot about her character, and it also tells you how much she loves this community," said the Governor.

Parks and Recreation Director, Amy Epple, also said that Sue Heckart felt strongly that the bowling alley be built on the east side of Sedalia. Epple says that Heckart hopes the new aquatic facility and the bowling facility will help grow and enhance Sedalia's east side.

You can check out the announcement and watch all the presentations here:

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