Governor Mike Parson will be a busy man today, as he will be signing 5 bills into law.  One of them will have immediate effect since we are having a mid-term election in November.

The governor is expected to sign five measures into law, including House Bill 1878, which would modify election laws. Gov. Parson is scheduled to start signing the bills at 12:30 p.m. at the state Capitol.

If you do not have a Missouri photo ID, you may want to consider getting one very soon.  You will need it to cast your vote in November.  You can get more details by clicking HERE.

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HB 1878 would change some rules and regulations that relate to how Missourians vote in elections. The bill would require photo identification for any regular or absentee ballot in the state.  Starting in 2023, the bill would also eliminate the use of electronic vote-counting machines. Instead, voters would only use paper ballots.

Additionally, the measure would eliminate several COVID-19 provisions, which made it easier for Missourians to vote by mail during the pandemic.

Voting is something that we should all take seriously, and we should exercise our rights to vote for whatever candidate we think will serve our interests best.  The Missouri Voter Protection Coalition put out a statement after collecting over 2,100 signatures asking Gov. Parson to veto HB 1878.

"This measure upsets the balance of powers in elections, and creates undue and needless barriers to participation for Missouri's voters.", they said in the statement.  Again, you can click HERE for more info on this.

Whatever your political affiliation, make sure you do whatever you need to, so you can vote in November.

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