When the Royals and owner John Sherman announced the promotion of Royals General Manager Dayton Moore and Assistant GM JJ Picollo to President of Baseball Operations and General Manager respectively. Sherman also addressed whether or not the team is exploring building a new ballpark, and if a downtown site is on the table. They are, and it is. Since then Royals fans haven't been shy about expressing their opinions on the matter.

I asked the question: Should the Royals move to downtown KC, or stay at the Truman Sports Complex? Overwhelmingly, the people that answered our poll expressed the opinion that the Royals should stay at Kauffman Stadium. Reading similar questions posed by Kansas City television stations, the answers seem similar to those in our question.

That said, the few folks in favor of the Royals moving downtown, had some very thoughtful passionate reasons why the Royals should move. In fact, I really enjoyed reading the comments and some of the back and forth.

I've gone on the record in expressing my opinion that the Royals shouldn't move. I think Kauffman Stadium is a beautiful facility and I value the ease of getting to the stadium and the ease of parking. I also believe Kauffman Stadium is the perfect example of the modern ballpark, which would be a shame to lose. Nostalgia also probably plays into my feelings. Royals games were a big focal point of my family's vacations to Kansas City as a kid, so I have an attachment to the ballpark.

Here are some of your opinions on whether or not the Royals should move to downtown, or stay at Kauffman Stadium:

Your Thoughts On the Royals Building a New Ballpark

Our question of the day recently asked what you thought about the Royals building a new stadium in downtown Kansas City. Here are some of the responses you posted on Facebook in response to that question.

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