Family Game Nights have been set for the end of July in both Sedalia and Warrensburg. If you're looking for some good family fun for your family perhaps one of these events will work for you. Here are the details:


The Sedalia Public Library is holding a game night to celebrate summer and their beautiful Carnegie Building turning 121 years old. There will be indoor games, outdoor games, and a hot dog dinner. The library says to bring your lawn chairs and have some fun. Family Game Night is scheduled for Monday evening July 25 from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM CDT.


Warrensburg Parks and Recreation has their family game night set for Friday evening July 22. July is Family Bingo Night and the cost is $5.00. There will be prizes, drinks, snacks, pizza, and plenty of family fun. Registration is required for the event, and participants must be registered by Monday, July 18. For more information, you can call the Warrensburg Park District at 660-747-7178. Or you can register online here. Warrensburg Parks and Recreation holds a family game night once a month.

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