Growing up, after leaving Missouri my family spent the first few years of my life in Philadelphia. It was there I went to day camp, experienced programs at the Y, and swam for the first time. In addition to swimming, I loved it when my Mom would take me to this splash pad in the park. It was just a lot of fun splashing around and getting wet. Starting Thursday, the young ones of Sedalia will get that same experience in Hubbard Park.

Sedalia Parks & Recreation will be holding a ribbon-cutting at the new splash pad, this Thursday, May 26 at 11:00 AM CDT. The splash pad will then be open for the public to enjoy. And regular hours will be 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM CDT. While I think the splash pad will be popular with the young ones and their parents, Sedalia Parks & Rec says the splash pad is open for anyone to enjoy and is free to use.

What I find interesting about the splash pad at Hubbard Park is how whimsical and fun it looks. And probably how much safer it is than the splash pad my mother took me to back in the 1970s. While my memory is hazy, I remember the splash pad my Mom took me to was mostly made of cement.

A cement pad, with these chunky cement sprayers in each of the four corners that spit out a spray of water into the middle of the pad, where maybe there was a drain. And you better look carefully around before you take off your sneakers and go running around the pad because there might be a broken bottle, or a pop can tab laying about that could cut your foot. It looked like it was one of those public works projects that were built as part of the WPA.

It doesn't matter, I thought it was the neatest thing ever as a three or four-year-old. And I think your kids will think this splash pad is the coolest ever too. My advice, take your kids and go make some memories.

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