There have been a lot of places to eat in Sedalia that have come and gone. Which ones do we miss the most?  I have a few you might agree with.......

1.  The Wheel Inn. 

I am pretty darn sure that nobody's gonna fight me on this one. We all loved the Wheel Inn and it was full of rich, Sedalia history. Not only did it have a lot of memories, it had great food! I don't know how many of my college friends came in skeptical to the Guberburger, only to leave happy.

2.  Eddie's/ Griff's 

Or really, ANY restaurants on the East side of town. It's nice that Yummy's Donuts have taken up the mantel of keeping the Griff's building open. But really, there could be some serious variety on the East side of town.  KC Baby Back Ribs was a welcome addition.

3.  Patricia's

This one is just a sentimental pick for me. A long time ago, it was originally called El Sambre, and it used to be in that little strip mall on Limit that was right by the 65 Highway bridge. My Mom's best friend waited tables there, and it quickly became Mom's favorite. We followed them when they became Patricia's, and it was where Husbando and I had our first date.  I dunno, I'm glad that everyone came out of it happy, but I miss it a little.

4.Joyous Chinese

This one is another sentimental pick for me. I know it was a normalish buffet restaurant but we liked it. There was something about the steam on the windows and the color of goldish yellow everywhere. It was harder than heck to get in that parking lot, but it felt homey.

5.  Black Bear Coffee

Do you remember this? I think I'm remembering it right. It was a little booth, almost like a kiosk, that was in the Thompson Hills Shopping Center. The drinks were SO GOOD. I went there at least once a week, then I turned my head and they were gone. I think I still see the kiosk somewhere in one of those parking lots on Industrial Drive. Or maybe it's just a wishful thinking thing.

What do you think? What would you like to see come back to Sedalia?

Wistfully yours,

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