I'm always into trying new things.  I guess I'm curious like that! Over the years, Lay's has been doing a thing where they test out new flavors on people and see what they think. I'm a sucker for these things, every time I have to get them. Sometimes they're really good, sometimes they're really bad.  I still remember Cappucino flavored chips.

No.  I don't want to go back there, that's a dark place.

But I decided to try the new "music inspired" flavors, because none of them sounded too gross to pallet.  The three flavors are "Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese", "Wavy Electric Lime and Salt", "Flamin Hot Dill Pickle Remix".   I don't know why they have to name these chips the way they do.  Electric?  They're chips.  Nobody is going to put something electric in their mouth and not expect to get shocked.  That's dangerous.

Anyway, Husbando's favorite was the Beer Cheese chips.  I liked those too, but the Girls hated them beyond any measure of description. I guess it's reassuring to think that they don't like the taste of beer?  Maybe that means they'll stay away from drinking as teenagers.

There was nothing particularly exciting about the Electric Lime.  It kinda reminded me of those tortilla chips you can get that have a "hint of lime"?  Pleasant enough.  Not a really strong lime flavor, though.  The smell was very limey. Husbando was a fan of these, he thought they were nice but could have used  a bit more lime punch.  The girls thought they were alright, but didn't eat more than one.

My favorite, hands down were the Hot Dill Pickle.  It was very vinegary and I like most things that are "flamin hot".  I definitely could see myself snackin on those babies,but I am a little odd when it comes to my preferred snacks.  Husbando didn't like them at all, he was colored unimpressed.  The girls wouldn't even try them, because they were afraid they'd be too spicy.

Have you tried any of the different flavors over the years?  Did one stand out as particularly good? What about a bad one? Have you tried the new flavors? What did you think?

Chippingly yours,


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