I've had a long and complicated relationship with Skittles. I remember going on a church trip one time and arguing with a friend of mine about Skittles. He was convinced that they had no actual flavor, and were just sugary. He tested me by having me try individual Skittles with my eyes closed, and guess the flavor.

I failed.

He was right, it was just sugar.  But there was something about the color that tricked my brain into THINKING they were fruit flavored. I still think they taste like fruit flavors, I can't help it!  Although, they might have changed the way they do things in the last twenty years - they do have  more varieties than they did back then. So now, you can get sour, berry, tropical, etc.  Even if you haven't changed your tune, I still love you, Skittles. It's okay.

So recently I decided to pick up Husbando a quick snack from his favorite fast food place, the Bell of Tacos. I saw that they have a new drink, the Strawberry Skittle frozen drink.  My weakness! I had to try it.


It was pretty good!  Even if it is just sugar, I felt like it tasted like Strawberry Skittles. When it melted, though... it was just kind of like Flavor Aid. Which isn't bad.  So either way, hey, success! It might have been a little pricey, but not outrageous. If you like cold drinks, you like Skittles, and you like Flavor Aid, you should try it!

Skittley yours,

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