For a long time, in my tweenish and teen years up until really just a few years ago, I was deathly afraid of dogs. Now, it seems like half the shows I watch are about veterinarians or dogs of some kind. If there's a YouTube video with a cute dog in it, you better believe I'm watching that. So it's getting a little weird in my house, and I kinda want a dog pretty bad. I can't have one right now, so I've resorted to looking at bad facts about dogs to make myself feel better.

People who don't like dogs always say it's because they were bitten by one.  But according to a survey by a veterinary charity in the U.K., nearly one in three dog OWNERS have been bitten or attacked by a dog.

They haven't necessarily been attacked by their OWN dog . . . but 30% say that they've been bitten by SOME dog at SOME point in their lives.  And more than HALF know someone else who's been attacked by a dog.

In a separate survey of children, two out of three kids said that they've been frightened by a dog's behavior.

At least one in 10 dog owners admit that their dog exhibits problem behavior on a regular basis . . . and it could be as high as one in five.

Three in five . . . 61% . . . say that their dog didn't have any kind of training as a puppy . . . which might be why so many behave badly.

So I guess that puts it off for another week.

Pettingly yours,


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