In a piece of news bound to make you say, “Wait, is this still a thing?”, it looks like we’ll still be getting that Terminator 2 3D conversion after all. Scroll back through our archives and you’ll find our very first mention of the Terminator 2 re-release in December of 2015. Back then, word was that James Cameron and company would time the theatrical re-release of the film to its 25th anniversary on July 3, 2016. For one reason or another, though, the studio missed that window, and thousands of people around the world were only able to relive their love of the Terminator franchise in the same boring two dimensions they’d always had. Sad.

But just because the studio missed the anniversary event doesn’t mean they can’t throw the movie back into theaters just because. According to Deadline (via /Film), Distrib Films US will re-release the finalized 3D version of Cameron’s film on August 25, 2017. As the /Film article notes, this is the second of Cameron’s films to undergo a 3D conversion, with Titanic playing in theaters again back in 2012. Cameron has long been an advocate for the format as more than just a gimmick, so it would make sense that he put his money where his mouth is and try to give these movies a life. Just do us a favor and leave Aliens alone, James.

Why August 25? No idea. The idea here seems to be to have Terminator 2 in theaters by August 29, which is  —  at least in the timeline offered by that particular film  —  the day and date that Skynet became sentient. Granted, in the movie, that event took place on August 29, 1997, meaning that Cameron and company are celebrating the 20th anniversary of a fictitious event that has since been retconned out of existence by subsequent films. Or maybe they don’t care and August 25 is just the earliest they could finish the film? The whole thing just makes you appreciate your local art house theaters; they are fully capable of screening a movie like Terminator 2 without straining so hard to make it an event.

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