After the death of Queen Elizabeth II Sept. 8, the internet was rife with rumors and conspiracy theories — including the bizarre idea that the spirit of the queen would be reincarnated as the baby of internet troll Trisha Paytas.

But that isn't the only reincarnation theory that's been stirred up by the queen's death. One theory that has taken Twitter by storm is that BTS' Jungkook is actually Princess Diana reincarnated.

The idea originally started with Twitter user @blkerbangtan, who presented the "evidence" in a Twitter thread back in April 2021.

It's common among BTS fans to say that Jungkook is "on his first life" because of his wholesome reactions and youthful spirit, but at the time @blkerbangtan theorized "it's his second [and] I have this crazy theory."

"So my family has been watching a lot of Princess Diana docus recently..." they began. Their first piece of evidence was that Diana passed away Aug. 31, 1997, while Jungkook was born Sept. 1, 1997 — the very next day.

They claimed that because Diana died young, it made sense that a life cut short would be reincarnated. They also cited both Diana and Jungkook's knack for "flirting" with the camera and their dedication to helping charities and small businesses.

Since then, the theory has floated around ARMY Twitter, but after the queen's death, it exploded.

In new Twitter threads, more "evidence" was discussed.

One of the similarities pointed out was that both were born in the Chinese year of the ox, and Jungkook's astrological chart apparently points to him being a royal in a past life.

Plus, another fan alleged "philosophers theorized every 25 years the reincarnated person has a 7 day window of consciousness to fulfill their old dreams/desires," in reference to the fact that Jungkook is 25 years old and the queen died seven days after his birthday.

Some even claimed that Jungkook was sleepy during BTS' recent live stream because "the spirit of Diana within him was getting stronger."

Other "evidence" included Jungkook's crown tattoo and the two having the same MBTI personality type, the same interests (music, dance, sports) and similar mannerisms, such as hiding their eyes with their hair.

Some of the coincidences are legit and even wholesome, like the two having the same height and love for laundry, while some are silly, such as Jungkook apparently being scared of microwaves because Diana once had a cooking mishap with a microwave.

Other "evidence" includes their similar fashion styles and cute "bunny smile."

Since the newest updates to the theory, it has spread from just ARMY Twitter to the mainstream internet, with threads on the topic going viral.

Many are entertained by the idea and the level of detail that fans have put into the theory.

"Eating up Princess Diana Jungkook content like my life depends on it," one fan tweeted.

"So apparently now the whole Twitter knows [about] the Princess Diana/Jungkook thing and no one told us ... we thought this was a little joke deep down [ARMY Twitter] ... I feel so naked [right now]," another fan wrote on Twitter.

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