What's one of the first things you do when you're in the grocery store shopping for items that you know you want the freshet date or the most-further-out expiration date? You pick up up that item and look for the numbers.

One of the first thing you look at on milk and bread is the expiration date, but for eggs what are you looking for? The expiration date or the freshness date, i.e., when did the chicken lay these oblong spheres?

We may have some information to help you crack (no pun intended) the freshness info on those soon-to-be deviled eggs. (I almost feel like Tom Hanks in the 'DaVinci Code'!)

So do you ever wonder how long those eggs have been siting on the shelf? Just how old are those eggs?  We checked with farmersAlmanac.com and came up with this information.

Farmers have up to 30 days to put an egg in a carton after it has been laid and, believe it or not, there's another maximum 30 days tacked on top of that the eggs can be sold. So, realistically it could be up to 60 days before you have that carton in your basket.

Now, think about this...how much longer do those eggs sit in your refrigerator before you use them? According to the information from farmersalmanac.com:

Despite their age, however, the eggs will be fine to eat, just not as fresh, of course (and we can all agree, nothing is better than a farm-fresh egg!).

So, sigh a breath of relief and know that you're probably good on the freshness of those eggs you're buying!

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