Many of us own American flags.  Some of them are flown by businesses and homes.  With the invasion of Ukraine going on right now by Putin and Russia, there have been a demand for Ukrainian flags.  And one Kansas City flag maker is in high demand, and trying to keep up with all of the orders they are getting.

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All Nations Flag Company in the River Market has no complex assembly line. They have a cutting table and one seamstress.  She is really busy right now, and hopefully her bosses will give her a raise.

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Ryan Wald is the co-owner of All Nations.  He said “I think Friday [February] the 4th was when the calls really started coming in. We ran out of material by that following Monday. [We] had to wait a couple of days to get more in, and since that’s happened, I think we’re on business day eight of just cranking out as many Ukrainian flags as we possibly can.”

This story has become a National one, and it is affecting us back at home. The invasion is causing gas prices to rise.  And the US has put various sanctions in place.  But many of us are watching this story on a daily basis.  If you want to know how you can help click HERE for a list of charities to donate to.

Wald said the last time the store, owned by him, his dad, and his brother, had this much demand for a single nation’s flag was for American flags after 9/11. Never has he seen such a strong and sudden demand for another nation’s flag.  Nine out of 10 people that have been asking for a flag have no personal connection to Ukraine.  The waiting list right now is about 2 weeks.  If you are interested in a flag, you can reach their website HERE for pricing and more info.  Nice that they are made in the USA.

15 Ways You Can Help People in Ukraine Right Now

As Americans watch events unfold in Ukraine, many wonder how they can help. Below is a list of organizations responding to the crisis in Ukraine along with information on how you can support their various missions. 

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