Liam Gallagher has still not gotten over the breakup of Oasis. In a recent interview, he opened up about the pain he still feels over the 2009 split with his brother Noel.

Speaking to Hamish McBain of NME in the debut issue of the newly unveiled NME Gold premium magazine, the ex-Oasis frontman sat down to discuss, among other things, his musical influences and his impending sophomore solo release.

The highlight of the interview came, however, when Gallagher deployed his signature brashness to dish on his feelings about his former band's disbandment. Admitting that he's never recovered from the sting left in the wake of the band's ill-natured breakup, Gallagher told the magazine, "That f---ing band meant everything to me. Everything. It’s in my veins." Dismissing the idea that the prospect of a reunion cash-in is on his radar, he added that "it’s not about the money."

The more unusual moment of the interview came with Gallagher volunteered the subject of his emotional vulnerabilities.

"I’m still deeply f---ing disturbed and still deeply grieving for that band," the singer shared. “I know it’s been nine years or however long it is, and I know people go, ‘Yeah, but get over it.’ But no. I won’t f--- get over it."

Raising the possibility the professional help might be needed to resolve his misgivings, Gallagher lamented, "Maybe I need to go and see someone about it. It was like part of my f--- system and soul was ripped and f---ing just f---ed off to the side.”

Liam Gallagher released his debut solo album As You Were just earlier this month, reaching No. 1 on the U.K. album chart. A North American tour in support of the album will commence in November.

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