If you're looking for a thin crispy pile of meats, cheese, and marinara sauce you don't have to look any further than Pizza Hut's new Melts!

I had been seeing the ads on television for a while talking about the new melts, and I thought of trying one. I figured I'd need to get it for lunch though since my wife Kathy really wasn't a fan of Pizza Hut's take on the calzone, the P'zone. Which in my mind was a similar food item.

So I was rather surprised when Kathy suggested we try Pizza Hut's new Melts on Tuesday evening for dinner. At $6.99 an order the price was right.

In their press release here's how Pizza Hut describes their melts, "Cheesy, crispy, loaded with toppings, and served with a perfectly paired dip, Pizza Hut Melts are great for a quick savory snack, lunch, or on-the-go dinner for just $6.99 at participating restaurants."  The release also points out that the Melts are designed for one person to eat whenever and wherever they want without having to order a whole pizza.

The Melts come in a variety of styles paired with a dipping sauce, Pepperoni with marinara sauce, Buffalo Chicken with buffalo sauce, Chicken Bacon Parmesan served with ranch sauce, and Meat Lover's served with marinara sauce.

Make no mistake, Pizza Hut's going for the lunch crowd with this item. Yaknow, the people most likely to pop into Fazoli's for their two-slice and a soda deal. Or the guy ducking into Casey's for their two-slice deal. Perhaps they're trying to combat places like Mazio's that have pizza buffets as well.

So how was it?

I ordered the Pepperoni Lovers Melt and Kathy decided to get the Meat Lover's Melt. She had them take off all the meats except for Italian Sausage and Pepperoni. We also got (and were charged for) an extra cup of marinara sauce as well.

We found that Pizza Hut's Melts live up to the promise of being cheesy, crispy, and loaded with toppings. Actually, with my Pepperoni one, I'm not sure if I'd say it was "loaded with toppings." I mean when I was talking to Tim, Lori, and Mike about the melt, an overabundance of Pepperoni wasn't the first thing out of my mouth. In fact, it didn't come up.

That doesn't mean they were stingy with the Pepperoni either. There was enough pep to get a bit of it in every bite, yet, it wasn't Pepperoni overkill. You could still taste the flavor of the crust, the cheese, and the parm sprinkled on top of it.

For me, the highlight was Pizza Hut's marinara sauce. It has just a touch of sweetness that played very well with the spiciness and crustiness of the melt.

Pizza Hut also did a good job with the crispness of the melt. As a food designed to be eaten with your hand, similar to a slice of New York-style pizza, I was concerned between the parm, the pep, and the sauce it could be a mess to eat with your fingers.

Amazingly, I managed to eat the whole thing without getting a splotch of marinara on my shirt. Nor did my hands get overly greasy.

Most important, even for dinner, my hunger was satiated, as was Kathy's. She also was raving about the melt while she was eating it, and after she was eating it.

I'm not sure if Pizza Hut cracked the code and will be successful with this product when it comes to stealing customers from other pizza joints, gas stations, and places like Fazoli's that have a two-slice and a-soda special. I mean, I don't really think melt when I'm craving pizza. Yet the food item is certainly worth trying the next time you're craving a slice. We'll definitely be getting it again.

Rob and Kathy's Pizza Hut Melts were ordered from the Pizza Hut in Warrensburg at 914 Simpson Drive. Pizza Hut can make the order in about 15 minutes, making great for people on a meal break. 

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