What can we say? She's the Queen of Pop.

The inimitable Madonna has entertained the globe for well over 30 years and counting with myriad hit singles from "Everybody" to "Living for Love," dozens of unforgettable looks, iconic performances and acclaimed world tours that have rightfully earned her the title of highest-grossing female touring artist in Billboard history.

While the "Like A Prayer" legend has always made headlines for controversy (and occasionally outrage), it's easy to forget that, underneath all of the spectacle and sass, there's a talented singing-and-dancing superstar who hungrily worked her way up from pennies in her pocket to pure pop royalty — and it all started with her incredibly emotive and distinct voice, from fronting bands in New York City to selling out arenas worldwide.

It's no easy task, but we've amassed some of Madge's greatest live performances as part of our ongoing Best Live Vocals series, from her earliest years stirring up controversy while writhing in a wedding dress on MTV all the way up to her stirring rendition of "La Vie En Rose" on the Rebel Heart Tour.

Watch above.

Madonna Stays on Top on the Rebel Heart Tour:

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