The Chilhowee National Honors Society is planning a blood drive with the American Red Cross coming up on April 20.

I guess now it's time for Sedalia and our surrounding communities to put up or shut up, really. The Red Cross needs our blood, and now is the time. Sedalia has always been very generous when it comes to people in need, whether it be off in Japan, Oklahoma or Syria, and now we have to help our own. This blood drive is to help people in our area.

This time, we're doing it for our neighbors.  We're doing it for the lady in the back at church who's had two months of chemo treatments. We're doing it for the kindergartner at our day care who has to have surgery.  We're doing it for the guy at the grocery store whose motorcycle got away from him.  This time, we're doing it for us.

The blood drive will be held on Thursday, April 20  from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the Chilhowee School cafeteria.

To make an appointment, visit, or call the school at 660-678-2511 and ask for Peggy Gilmore.



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