Folks, for a few years now, Justin Lawson has organized this huge local music event: Making the Band.  If you don't know what it is, well, then you must live under a rock or something.  Is it moldy under there?  It must be at least somewhat comfortable, I mean, you choose to live there.  Anyway...  Justin's a local music teacher here in the Sedalia area. Making the Band is a big concert of all local bands, usually students of his. The genesis of the idea happened after several of the students got together in different incarnations and collaborated. Sometimes they had known each other before, sometimes they hadn't. Sometimes they worked up a cover song, sometimes they wrote an original. Sometimes the bands even stayed together and kept playing. Either way, it was a great, creative way to get kids working together on something new.

The concert will be this Saturday, June 16, at the Doo Southside, 4860 S Limit Ave, using their infamous party porch. They'll start at eleven, and here's the lineup:

  • 11:00 AM:  Karlee Ross, Jaxson Deckard, Kaiden North, Stella Cordrey, Shawn Knight
  • 11:30 AM: Andy Blackstone
  • Noon-Amigos de Cristo Band
  • 1:00PM- the Bearded Ladies
  • 2:00PM- Outbreak
  • 3:00 PM- Distraction
  • 4:00PM- the Ricochet band
  • 5:00PM- Mike Routon
  • 5:30PM-Nope
  • 6:00PM- Every other Friday
  • 7:00PM- Late Arrivals
  • 8:00PM-Revenant
  • 9:00PM- Unseen Hatred
  • 10:00PM- Reincarnate the Reason
  • 11:00PM- thy Descent

They'll have some chances to win a guitar (among other prizes), and I'm sure there will be chances to get music and pictures with the groups. You can also go to their Facebook page to get more information, and there's a link where you can hear some music too.

And, I'll be out there broadcasting live from the concert!  I'm sure we'll have some good giveaways, too. Don't miss it!

Rockly yours,


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