There's a bird in Missouri who's gonna make a great dad someday. He's an eagle named Murphy who has been spotted protecting a rock that he thinks is an egg and there's video to prove it.

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The World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Missouri has shared this inspiring story of believing in the impossible. This is video they've shared of Murphy who is trying his best to protect and hatch a rock. You can't fault a bird for trying.

Murphy, the Missouri eagle, has become so famous his amazing rock parenting skills have even been featured by CNN.

There has been so much worldwide concern about Murphy's happiness that the World Bird Sanctuary has shared a new status update to assure everyone that this eagle is actually a happy animal. They say that Murphy is an eagle who will never be able to fly again so he'll be spending his entire life in the sanctuary. They say his mate is also unable to fly, so she's with him all the time, too.

The World Bird Sanctuary went on to say that Murphy's ownership of this rock is his way of exhibiting the normal parenting skills of a male bald eagle as the boys take as much responsibility as the females when it comes to protecting their young.

If you don't already, make sure to follow the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri on Facebook as they're constantly updating everyone on Murphy's attempt to hatch the rock. He's such a good (rock) dad.

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