While The Dirt film has been grabbing all the headlines, another Nikki Sixx project is quickly approaching. Back in 2012, Sixx started speaking of turning his 2007 memoir, The Heroin Diaries, into a stage production, and after a long journey of bringing it to fruition, the current plan is to launch in the spring of 2020.

Sixx and Motley Crue manager Allen Kovac spoke to The Build Series (see the player below) about the project, with the bassist proclaiming, "The idea is to do with The Heroin Diaries for the opiate epidemic what Rent did for AIDS and HIV -- to really shine a light on it and to give back to communities locally, nationally and internationally."

He continued, "I'm really happy that the word 'epidemic' is attached to this crisis right now, but I'm also very frustrated that it took us so long to get here, and so the timing for us is important, meaning it needs to happen now. That's what we're working on, and we're very close to having all the pieces together so that it can come out very early next year."

Kovac revealed the projected start date, adding that there is support from the CEO of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. Kovac also stated, "We now have mayors across the United States. We've lowered the cost to go to a hundred cities instead of the traditional model of one Broadway or 20 major markets. We can now go where the crisis is, and we have bus companies, light companies, sound companies taking their profit off the table and doing it for cost. We have Faces & Voices [of Recovery], an organization in 50 states, along with governors. We wanna bring that to Europe and the rest of the world, and it's about getting awareness and taking away the stigma, so people will talk about it."

Sixx released his memoir in 2007, and formed the band Sixx: A.M. with James Michael and DJ Ashba to provide an accompanying soundtrack for the project. There has also been a graphic novel adaptation. Sixx revealed back in 2017 that most of the songs now had been laced in with the dialogue and that he had been wrapping up the writing portion for the music.

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