As a radio personality, you rarely get to see how what you say, or what you write moves others. When you do, it's usually from someone you inadvertently offended or someone who disagrees with your point of view. So I was extremely humbled to find out how my blog "Council Kills  Sedalia Water Tower Logo Project: Short Sighted?" moved people.

I woke up to a Facebook message from Sedalia Mayor Andrew Dawson thanking me for writing my piece. Then when I got to the office our news person Randy Kirby told me that his story Tuesday morning and my opinion piece moved Russell Childers of RAC-JAC company to pay the remaining $16,800 to put the City logo and slogan on the water towers.

I was both humbled and excited that my opinion moved the Mayor of Sedalia to drop me a note, and that it helped another community member decide to be generous and open up their checkbook.

I didn't write the article to get someone to donate the rest of the money for this project. Or to weigh in on the Council flip-flopping on the promise they made to the Lion's Club. I suspect a generous person or group would have made the water tower logo project happen regardless because that's the type of community we live in.

I wrote the article mostly out of frustration because I wanted to ask those who don't like the City to open up their checkbook and spend any cash beyond the essential City services to re-think that.

Like I said earlier, most of the time in my job you don't get to see how your words can impact someone. Whether that's reconsidering an opinion. Opening a checkbook and donating to a good cause. Laughing at something funny or silly. Yelling at your radio or computer because I made you mad. This time I got to see a little bit of that.

Thank you for giving me your time, whether you listen to me on Mix 92.3, or read my articles on our sites, whether you agree with me, or disagree with me. I appreciate that you allow me the privilege to be part of your life.

I want to thank Mr. Russell Childers for his donation, and Mr. Meehan and the Lion's Club for their donations to logo the water towers. I also want to thank Sue Heckart, the Hayden family, and all Sedalians who donate their time, talents, and money to create the kind of community I, and many others, want us to live in. You're all helping make our little corner of the world a little more enjoyable, that means a lot to me.

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