I have said on many occasions in my career as a bartender and a server...DON"T WASTE BEER!  But perhaps, you may want to start hoarding it.  Anheuser-Busch has told industry publications it is planning to raise prices again in October to keep pace with rising costs. Benj Steinman, editor of Beer Marketer's Insights, said that between that and a previous increase in February, A-B's markup will near 8% this year — right around the rate of inflation.

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The world's largest brewer is sighting rising costs and that there is no end in sight.  To try and put it into simpler terms, a 6-pack of Bud Light will now cost close to $9.  So $1.50 cents a beer.  I wonder how this will affect some of the other big companies like Coors, Miller, Samuel Adams and others.  You can click HERE for more on this story.

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Nothing can be more refreshing on a hot day in the summer time than sitting out on your porch, chilling with your friends, enjoying a few beers.  But c'mon, not on beer? We know that mixed drinks tend to be more expensive, and your spirits like whiskey and vodka are going to cost more.  If beer prices are going up along with most items, there could be a lot of unhappy people out there.  I wonder if it also may prevent people from going to see games at Busch Stadium or ordering alcohol at restaurants.  And I was joking earlier.  Do not hoard beer, but just keep in mind that a 6 pack will be costing you a few more bucks in the future.

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