The Smith-Cotton High School Math Team captured first place overall on Nov. 4 at the Warrensburg Math Relays.

Among S-C’s top performers was sophomore Gabriel Toderescu, who was named the Top Sophomore at the competition and was a member of the first place Mixed Team; he also took first in Geometry 11 and Word Problems 10.

Here are S-C’s results:

Algebra Simplifying 9: Jackson LoydGoff, first; Natalie Hernandez, third

Graphing 10: Gabriel Toderescu, second; Aidan Fiet, fourth

Graphing 11: Austyn Fiorino, first

Complex Numbers 12: Bryson Middleton, fourth

Functions 12: Jaimeson Severa, third; Cameron Reynolds, fourth

Geometry 9: Natalie Hernandez, third; Sarah Davis, fifth

Geometry 10: Jacob Murdock, fourth; Sarah Slagle, fifth

Geometry 11: Gabriel Toderescu, first; Madison Phillips, fourth

Geometry 12: Bryson Middleton, fourth; Dakota Acosta, fifth

Trig 12: Chloe Eckhoff, second; Parker Ellison, third

Physical Science 9-10: Aidan Fiet, second; Garrett Jones, third

Biology 9-10: Gabriel Toderescu, second; Jacob Murdock, third

Chemistry 10-12: Sarah Slagle, fifth

Physics 11-12: Jaimeson Severa, first; Parker Ellison, third

Exponents and Logs 12: Chloe Eckhoff, third; Cameron Reynolds, fourth

Algebra Equations 9: Grace Homan, first

Algebra 10: Jacob Murdock, third; Gabriel Toderescu, fourth

Algebra 11: Bryson Middleton, second; Joshua Hoover, fifth

Algebra 12: Parker Ellison, fourth

Probability 12: Jaimeson Severa, first; Cameron Reynolds, second; Garrett Jones, third

Word Problems 9: Grace Homan, first; Jackson LoydGoff, fourth

Word Problems 10: Gabriel Toderescu, first

Word Problems 11: Bryson Middleton, second

Advanced Topics 12: Chloe Eckhoff, second; Cameron Reynolds, third; Parker Ellison,

Freshman Team: Grace Homan, Jackson LoydGoff, Luke Bemiss, Natalie Hernandez,

Sophomore Team: Jacob Murdock, Aidan Fiet, Kenley Anderson, Austyn Fiorino, first
Junior Team: Jaimeson Severa, Bryson Middleton, Joshua Hoover, Jeffthan Glaster,

Senior Team: Parker Ellison, Dakota Acosta, Hannah Phipps, Chloe Eckhoff, second

Mixed Team: Sarah Davis, Gabriel Toderescu, Madison Phillips, Cameron Reynolds,

Freshman Award: Grace Homan, third

Sophomore Award: Gabriel Toderescu, first

Junior Award: Jaimeson Severa, second; Bryson Middleton, third

Overall Team: Firs

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