One annual tradition here in Sedalia is the lighting of the Hotel Bothwell. Since it's such a beautiful historic building, it's a real treat to see all the lights, Christmas decorations, and little touches that really kick off the Holiday Season.

Well, this year marks a big anniversary, as well! It goes along with the seventy fifth anniversary of Furnell Companies. Now, just in case you don't know how those two go together, basically a dude named Doyle Furnell started out with a job as a bellhop at Hotel Bothwell as a kid, and he had a huge passion for the economic redevelopment of Downtown Sedalia. His company was a big part of renovating the Hotel Bothwell into what it is today! Apparently he just fell in love with the building back when he was a youngin', and he promised himself he would keep it beautiful and thriving.

So, when is it this year?  Well.  You know it's Thanksgiving night, but here are the deets.  Hotel Bothwell will host its annual Thanksgiving night lighting and firework display November 23rd at 7:00 p.m. 

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And don't be like me and forget that it's coming.  I know a few times I forgot it and thought someone was having fun with some kind of illegal fireworks or something.  One year I had a guest in my house, and they were legit freaked out because they thought someone was having a Matrix style gun fight.  When I pointed out the windows to show them the fireworks..... well.  Laughter was had.

Now this year, there won't be any caroling or anything at the Hotel, but Erica with Furnell Investments told me that they'll be playing some holiday music from their building, and that several downtown businesses will be open specifically for the event - some of which will have holiday themed drinks and treats. So you'll be able to wander around, get some warm snacks or drinks, do a little shopping, and get settled just fine if you have finicky kids. And if nothing else, take the kids to see all the trees at the Hotel Bothwell! Erica said they've got SEVENTEEN this year. That's... alot of trees, ya'll. That's got to be... hundreds of ornaments. I bet you could play a heck of a round of "Thanksgiving I Spy" with those, huh.

And if you can't make it cos you're working, or you're just stuck at home, no worries!  The event will also be live-streamed from the Hotel Bothwell’s Facebook page. The countdown to the lighting begins at 7:00 p.m. with fireworks synchronized to Holiday music immediately following.

Basically, the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas isn't complete without this event over at the Hotel Bothwell.  Make your plans to see it either way!

Fireworkingly yours,

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